We believe credit analysts deserve better

In a world of self-driving cars, algorithmic trading, and generative AI, financial analysts in one of the world’s largest asset classes still work as they always have: manually sourcing documentation, spreading numbers, calculating credit metrics, integrating market data, and identifying relative value. This repetitive, time-consuming process is expensive and limits investors’ market coverage and agility.

We have witnessed an analytical revolution in so many fields over the past decade, yet thus far credit markets have missed out.

Since founding Cognitive Credit in late 2017, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with hundreds of investment firms to discuss their most pressing challenges. Their feedback is clear: credit investors want to cover more opportunities, improve their decision-making speed, produce differentiated research, and reduce operating costs.

It is widely recognized that too much time is spent on low-value, redundant work.

Historically, we as credit analysts have had to wrestle with tools designed for equity markets because no alternative existed. But these products have never given us what we needed. Relatedly, many in the industry have come to over-rely on third party market commentary and research services. However, every investor I speak with needs their own view, not someone else’s.

Cognitive Credit is completely different.

We founded our Company precisely to solve these challenges through advanced technology. Our web application and API offerings deliver best-in-class data and essential analytics custom-tailored for credit professionals. We champion the individual credit analyst, enabling them to focus on their most valuable work so they can form their own view, fast.

Today, the world’s leading asset managers, hedge funds, and investment banks leverage our solutions to strengthen their businesses.

None of this would be possible without our amazing clients, whose ongoing collaboration is invaluable. Our team is deeply grateful for your partnership, and each day strives to deliver even more for you. We are extremely excited about what lies ahead!

Robert Slater
CEO and Founder, Cognitive Credit

Cognitive Credit started with a question: why has there been such little innovation in corporate credit markets?

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