Integrated research solutions

Collaborate more effectively across your team and efficiently manage your research content

Transform your credit research process

Our application includes an array of built-in tools and features to centralize your credit research process and enable more efficient collaboration with your team.

Create and share models, receive real-time alerts to your inbox, search our entire document library, and more.

Advanced text search

Find answers to questions quickly and unlock new insights by searching across over 50,000 financial reports and presentations in our document library.

Advanced text search | Cognitive Credit

Cross-team content sharing

Easily save and share customized models and research notes across your team for more effective collaboration.

Cross-team content sharing | Cognitive Credit

Automated credit memos

Minimize research costs and increase idea generation with credit memos that automatically generate themselves.

Automated credit memos | Cognitive Credit
Access fundamental data sets
European HY

Full credit models for over 530 European High Yield issuers

European IG

Full credit models for over 350 European IG rated issuers


Full credit models for over 700 US High Yield issuers

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