credit models

Fully-customizable spreadsheets that auto-update, with supporting annotations and analytical tools that accelerate your research

Everything you need to analyze a credit quickly

Access comprehensive company-specific financials & documents extracted via our machine-learning technology and structured into easy-to-use credit models and profiles - all updated in real-time.

And with built-in auditing and charting, you’ll have the tools at your disposable to form your own view of a credit, fast.

Accurate, transparent financials

Find clear data explanations in our Audit Panel, with links to source documents, and additional insights such as restatements and reporting inconsistencies.

Accurate, transparent financials | Cognitive Credit

Interactive data visualizations

Identify important relationships easily with intuitive charting that allows you to bring entire data series to life in just a few clicks.

Interactive data visualizations | Cognitive Credit

Integrated cash flow forecasting

Generate customized cash flow forecasts in minutes with our pre-built templates, and share with your colleagues instantly.

Integrated cash flow forecasting | Cognitive Credit
Access fundamental data sets
European HY

Full credit models for over 530 European High Yield issuers

European IG

Full credit models for over 350 European IG rated issuers


Full credit models for over 700 US High Yield issuers

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