Your own credit models.

Comprehensive, fully-customizable credit models that you can save, share and update in a single click

Powerful end-to-end credit modeling

Built on the market's leading financial data extracted via our machine-learning technology, access a powerful end-to-end modelling solution designed specifically for credit investors.

Customize our pre-built models to fully reflect your own credit view, and update them for new earnings in a single-click. Leverage built-in auditing and charting tools to help you derive additional insights and work faster.

Our financials, your models

Use our pre-built Financials to add your own data, modify layouts, insert additional calculations, and then save in-app for later use.

Our financials, your models | Cognitive Credit

Single-click updates

Instantly update your saved models for the latest reported earnings in the click of a button, ensuring your view is always current.

Single-click updates | Cognitive Credit

Accurate, transparent

Find clear data explanations in our Audit Panel, with links to source documents, and additional insights such as restatements and reporting inconsistencies.

Accurate, transparent financials | Cognitive Credit

Seamless in-app

Share your models with your team in-app to review adjustments, leave comments, and make revisions - enabling effective cloud-based collaboration.

Seamless in-app collaboration | Cognitive Credit

Seamless credit modeling in one application

Scale up your coverage capacity today

No more manual spreading of data, no more time-consuming updates during the height of earnings season. With pre-built models that can be fully tailored to your way of working, and updated in an instant, you can scale up your coverage capacity and react faster to new opportunity.

A fully featured credit-modeling solution

Customizable Financials | Cognitive Credit
Customizable Financials

Add your own data, adjust calculations, and save our models as your own

Single-click updates | Cognitive Credit
Single-click updates

Update your saved models with the latest reported earnings data, instantly

Shareable between teams
Shareable between teams

Share your models with your team, leave comments and review changes

Complete version history
Complete version history

Track all changes, revisit previous versions and restore them in full

Audit trails
Audit trails

Every datapoint algorithmically validated and linked back to source documents

Dynamic charting
Dynamic charting

Select data ranges and produce dynamic charts in one click

Access fundamental credit data sets
European HY

Full credit models for 550+ High Yield issuers

European IG

Full credit models for 350+ Investment Grade issuers


Full credit models for 750+ High Yield issuers


Full credit models for 450+ Investment Grade issuers

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