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Accelerate your decision-making with faster earnings updates and new issue turn-around

Capture more opportunities

It's hard to form a fast, detailed view on a credit when it takes so long to chase information and spread numbers.

We deliver you the latest financials, conveniently extracted and structured in ready-to-use models, so that you can find your view ahead of the market.

Spend more time on
high-value analysis

Our machine-reading technology automatically extracts financial data as soon as earnings are available, enabling you to optimize your credit analysis.

Spend more time on high-value credit analysis | Cognitive Credit

Access structured data in ready-to-use models

Data is instantly organized into detailed credit models, delivering all the essential information you need on a credit quickly and conveniently.

Access structured data in ready-to-use credit models | Cognitive Credit

Respond to new opportunities faster

With smarter tech and better data, be more efficient with your time, form actionable insights faster and get ahead of the competition.

Respond to new opportunities faster | Cognitive Credit
Access via web application or API
Web application

Access easy-to-use, dynamic spreadsheet models plus a variety of additional fundamental and market analytics custom-designed for credit investors.


Boost the efficiency and potential of your quant teams by integrating essential credit data directly into your firm’s workflow.

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We don’t understand how you can update this many models so fast.

Credit Analyst, Hedge Fund

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