How to request additional coverage in-app

How to request additional coverage in-app

As 1Q24 comes to a close, it’s clear that primary markets have had a big start to the year. Demand for new issues has been high - Ardohnagh Group, Phinia, and IMA to name a few - as our users continue to broaden their investable opportunity set using our core functionality.

At Cognitive Credit, we always strive to deliver not only the most accurate data, but also the most comprehensive coverage of major credit markets. That’s why our app includes a convenient Request Coverage feature available to our users.

Here’s everything you need to know about coverage requests on Cognitive Credit.

What is the Request Coverage feature?

The Request Coverage feature allows our users to request specific additions to our coverage universe directly to our data team. It’s through this ongoing dialogue with our clients that we’re able to deliver data on all the names they need to know about - and ensure that our coverage continues to be the most relevant and comprehensive source of fundamental credit data available.

Coverage requests are actioned by our dedicated data team, with New Issues turned around within 6-hours and standard coverage requests delivered within 24-hours (avg.)

Once a company has been added to our coverage, all financials will be continuously updated as and when new earnings are reported.

Request Coverage feature in-app | Cognitive Credit

How to make coverage requests in-app

Coverage requests are submitted directly through the app via a dedicated form. Check out our short walkthrough video below to see how it works.



Available now to all users

The Request Coverage feature is available for all paying users of our app as standard, and is the most effective way to ensure every name you cover is included in our coverage universe. 

To try this feature for yourself, request your demo today.