Cognitive Credit Launches Credit Data REST API to Provide Institutional Investors With Flexible Data Integration

Press | Cognitive Credit Launches Credit Data REST API

Cognitive Credit, the leading provider of global corporate credit data and analytics technology, today announces the launch of its REST API service, enabling institutional credit investors to integrate its market-leading credit data directly into their firms’ analytical workflows.

The offering provides programmatic access to structured historical financial data across over 1,300 issuers in Cognitive Credit’s US High Yield, European High Yield, and European Investment Grade coverage universes.

API subscribers can flexibly integrate detailed, accurate fundamental data directly into their databases and applications, benefitting from updates as soon as new financial results are published by issuers, with similarly fast updates on corporate new issues. This solution delivers significant operational efficiencies in the end-to-end credit investment process and unlocks the potential for systematic, quantitative analysis across corporate credit markets.

Cognitive Credit provides API access in two tiers: Credit Metrics includes access to 90+ essential credit metrics and as-reported items, and Historical Models provides line-by-line accounts sourced directly from official company documents, including income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, debt notes, as well as supplemental disclosure including EBITDA bridges, geographic and segmental splits, operating KPIs, and derived credit metrics.

Custom integration is supported for multiple programming languages including C#, Java, Javascript, Python, and Typescript.

Robert Slater, CEO and Founder of Cognitive Credit, said:

“Our new API offering is an exciting enhancement to how we deliver best-in-class data to the world’s leading financial institutions. Our clients can now consume essential credit data in an automated way, structured for down-stream analysis in their own environments. We developed the API in conjunction with a number of buy-side and sell-side clients, all of which wanted to achieve maximum leverage of our data across their businesses.”

API distribution is the newest addition to Cognitive Credit’s suite of credit market data & analytics products, alongside its innovative and easy-to-use web application. All data published by Cognitive Credit is sourced from publicly available financial reports, structured by proprietary machine-reading technology and published within minutes of release -- guaranteeing fast, detailed, and transparent data organized specifically to optimize corporate credit analysis.

About Cognitive Credit

At Cognitive Credit, we bring together experts in technology and finance to create scalable solutions custom-designed for institutional credit investors. By joining the most accurate fundamental data in the market with real-time updates and a suite of advanced analytics, we empower our clients to be as productive and insightful as possible.