Cognitive Credit launches transformational credit modeling solution

Cognitive Credit launches transformational credit modeling solution

Cognitive Credit, the leading provider of corporate credit data and analytics technology, today announces a major enhancement to its web-based application.Building on the fastest and most accurate credit data in the market, Cognitive Credit now offers an end-to-end modeling solution specifically designed for credit investors, automating the initial spreading of numbers through to ongoing model maintenance.

This major product update incorporates two new features. The first enables full customization of Cognitive Credit’s corporate credit models, allowing users to edit, save and share models in one centralized application, while maintaining their own preferences for modeling style and analysis. The second feature leverages Cognitive Credit's proprietary machine-reading and data extraction technology, enabling users to update saved models within minutes of earnings release via a single click.

Credit analysts invest a huge amount of time updating credit models every reporting period for the issuers they follow. This process is time-consuming for the individual analyst, disproportionately expensive for their firms, and limits the number of situations any investment team can cover across the market, resulting in many missed opportunities each year.

With this release, Cognitive Credit is collapsing the time it takes to do detailed credit modeling. Clients can apply financial adjustments and insert custom methodologies to reflect their credit view on top of Cognitive Credit’s detailed, dynamic credit models. By utilizing this new flexibility, clients can scale up their research capacity, maintain views on a significantly wider coverage list, and react to new information more quickly.

Robert Slater, CEO and Founder, said: “The addition of customizable financials to our application delivers our clients a complete credit analysis productivity solution. It’s a game-changing development in terms of how our users can leverage our premium credit data, empowering them to prioritize their most valuable work and capture far more investment opportunities.”

Jack Wearne, Vice President of Product and Strategy, said: "For as long as credit analysts have been building models, they have been seeking ways to avoid spending hours every quarter updating their spreadsheets with new numbers. This launch enables our clients to update all their user-customized models with the click of a button, turning weeks of work each quarter into a matter of minutes, and delivering on our core mission to help credit analysts form their own view, faster.”

Customizable financials and one-click updates are the newest additions to Cognitive Credit’s market-leading data & analytics application. For over 1,500 HY and IG issuers across Europe and the US, clients can quickly filter the market, form an initial credit view, and efficiently maintain their models via one seamless workflow - eliminating hours of manual data sourcing and entry per situation.

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At Cognitive Credit, we bring together experts in technology and finance to create scalable solutions custom-designed for institutional credit investors. By joining the most accurate fundamental data in the market with real-time updates and a suite of advanced analytics, we empower our global clients to be as productive and insightful as possible.