Cognitive Credit launches US Investment Grade bond coverage

Cognitive Credit launches US Investment Grade bond coverage

Cognitive Credit, the leading provider of corporate credit data and analytics technology, today announces the launch of a US Investment Grade (IG) license, expanding its global coverage to over 1,750 issuers.

This new license includes detailed historical financial data for over 450 investment grade rated USD denominated issuers, with more to be added on an ongoing basis. The US IG coverage list has been developed in partnership with a number of leading buy- and sell-side firms and benchmarked to widely-tracked bond indices. 

Following the shift in the interest rate environment through 2022, the iBoxx USD Liquid Investment Grade BBB Index fell almost 20%. Today, yields sit at 10-year highs (6.35%) and the index is flat year-to-date. At the same time, as a beneficiary of the accommodative monetary policy and low rate environment per the prior 15 years, BBB-rated issuance now comprises about half the $5 trillion USD Investment Grade market. Taking both in combination, the requirement for fundamental analysis across the Investment Grade universe has materially increased - and will continue to do so.

Sudha Sathiaseelan, Vice President of Data, said: “This new release is a landmark moment for Cognitive Credit. Since 2019, our coverage has grown from 80 issuer models across 1 license to 1,750 issuer models across 4 licenses. Furthermore, our data sets have expanded to include both Geographic and Segmental, as well as KPI operating data. All of this has been made possible by the application of our automated data structuring solution for credit markets."

Jack Wearne, Vice President of Product and Strategy, said: "Throughout 2023, client demand for comprehensive financial models of BBB companies has increased. This coverage expansion provides the same level of speed, accuracy and transparency that Cognitive Credit delivers for all its other data licenses. Our clients will be empowered to perform fundamental analysis on individual companies as well as cross-market analysis for the entire coverage universe."

US IG is Cognitive Credit’s fourth data license, available alongside US High Yield, European High Yield, and European Investment Grade. All data published by Cognitive Credit is sourced from publicly available financial reports, structured into dynamic credit models by proprietary machine-reading technology and published within minutes of release – guaranteeing fast, detailed, and transparent data for institutional credit investors.

Clients can access Cognitive Credit data via two separate channels: a REST API service which streams data directly into business systems, and an innovative Web Application offering fully customizable credit models, powerful cross-market analytics and built-in credit research tools.

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At Cognitive Credit, we bring together experts in technology and finance to create scalable solutions custom-designed for institutional credit investors. By joining the most accurate fundamental data in the market with real-time updates and a suite of advanced analytics, we empower our clients to be as productive and insightful as possible.