Introducing Earnings Summaries on Cognitive Credit

Introducing Earnings Summaries on Cognitive Credit

In our first major release of 2024, we’re revamping how we display and deliver our earnings summaries in-app and over email.

As mentioned in our Roadmap update earlier this month, our Product and Engineering teams are always working on new features that add value to the Cognitive Credit application. In our first major update of the year, we’ve added a brand new feature delivered both in-app and via email: Earnings Summaries.

Earnings Summaries have been high on the feature requests from our clients as they look for a brief snapshot of the performance of a company immediately after they report. This new view enables users to form their own view on a set of numbers, and better prioritize which issuer to focus on as earnings are released.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new release.

NEW: Earnings Summary in-app

The first part of our Earnings Summary roll-out focused on the in-app experience. 

Whilst our Company Description page already included all the key information generally required for a company - Credit Snapshots, Corporate Structures, Key Reporting Dates etc - we felt the addition of some tangible earnings data would add some extra value, making it the ideal “at a glance” page. As such, we’ve added a new Earnings Summary section to Company Description pages.

Earnings Summaries Widget in Cognitive Credit Application

This section will be updated as soon as new earnings data is published, allowing our users to view all the headline figures and changes - alongside other important company information - in one convenient place.

NEW: Earnings Summary Email Notification

In addition to our new Earnings Summary section in-app, we’ve vastly improved our Real-time email notification that alerts users whenever a company, either in the entire license or in their watchlist, has reported new earnings. 

Previously, this notification included no earnings data and prompted the user to visit the full financials in-app to learn more. It’s a goal of ours to ensure that the email alerts you receive from us are always truly meaningful - and we thought this one in particular could offer more additional value. 

Our new notification includes an algorithmically generated summary of the latest earnings figures, delivered directly to your inbox - providing the when, and what, of an earnings update.

Earnings Summary Email Notification from Cognitive Credit Application

This new notification will be available in-app in early February and replaces the old Real-time email alert.

If you’re already a user, you can sign up for this alert by going to your Preferences page and select Real-time updates for either Watchlist or All Companies.

Preferences Screen on Cognitive Credit Application

See this new feature in action today

If you’re already a subscriber, you can see the Earnings Summary on the Description page in-app today. If you need any help tailoring your alerts settings, then be sure to reach out to our Client Success team who can help you get set up.

If you’re not yet a subscriber and would like to see these features in action, just request your demo today and we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange your access.