Product Roadmap Update: 1Q24

Product Roadmap Update: 1Q24

In our first Product Roadmap update, we highlight some of the recent additions to Cognitive Credit in 2023, and what’s to come in the first quarter of 2024.

At Cognitive Credit, we’re always striving to improve our products.

Either through direct engagement with our clients or feedback from the wider market, we’re constantly developing new features and functionality to help credit analysts complete their day-to-day, more efficiently. And we make a point of delivering these features on schedule, according to our roadmap.

As new features are added to the roadmap, our product and engineering teams work to deliver them in quarterly sprints. As each sprint ends, we’ll use this recurring blog post to round-up all the latest additions to the application delivered in the previous quarters - and offer a sneak peak of what’s to come in the months ahead.

Our current Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap Q3 2023 - Q1 2024 | Cognitive Credit

2H23: Now available in-app

Customizable Financials
In 3Q23, we added the ability to fully customize our financial models. This landmark release enabled users to edit, save and share their view with colleagues in-app – and auto-update those models whenever new numbers are released.

To further cement our reputation as the market’s most comprehensive source of fundamentals, as-reported non-financial operating information was added to our models via a new KPI section. KPIs have since been added to over 400 issuers, with expansion to our full universe expected in early 2024. To learn more, check out our KPIs launch post.

Net Income to EBITDA bridge
A big US client request was to add a Net Income to EBITDA bridge where a company reports it. This was released to the app in November, giving our users exactly what they wanted: greater transparency on the adjustments a company makes to get from Net Income to EBITDA. Our clients can drill down on any adjustments via the Audit panel to better understand validity and reasonableness.

US Investment Grade
4Q23 saw the addition of our fourth data license - US Investment Grade. This includes detailed financials on 500+ BBB rated issuers, delivered in our signature customizable and auditable models. To learn more, check out our US Investment Grade launch post.

Sustainability Reports
In response to growing demand for transparent reporting on sustainability, we added company-specific Sustainability reports to our coverage.  These reports were added to our document library and made fully searchable - allowing you to answer all ESG-focused questions for your credit analysis. To learn more, check out our Sustainability Reporting post.

Coming soon: 1Q24

Earnings Summaries
Our first release of 2024 will see a change to how we deliver Earnings Summaries. First, Earnings Summaries will be added to the description page of every issuer for ease of access. Shortly after that, we’ll be rolling out much improved Earnings Update email alerts, delivering all the key numbers directly to your inbox within minutes of earrings release. You can see a sneak peak of this improved alert below:

Excel add-in
Over the past few months, we’ve been quietly working away on integrating data with Excel. The result is our eagerly awaited Excel add-in, providing direct access to our fundamental credit data in Excel. This will enable our clients to build and maintain their own models while still benefiting from the same level of data completeness, speed and accuracy that only Cognitive Credit can provide. 

Restricted Access US 144a
Long requested by our US clients, we’ll soon be expanding our US High Yield coverage to include detailed Financials on the 200+ names in the US High Yield benchmark where information is not publicly accessible. Access to these names will be dependent on client / issuer permissions.

Want to see these features in action?

With some major developments on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to start using Cognitive Credit. To see all these features in action – and get a sneak peak of our forthcoming Excel Add-in – request your demo today.

PS. If you’d like to suggest or discuss a feature to be added to our roadmap, just let us know here.